18k South Sea pearl crown charm

Cynthia Bach
This is truly a masterpiece by Cynthia Bach. This white 12-13mm South Sea pearl with an incredible and slightly rainbow luster is just gorgeous! These kind of pearl pieces are not readily available from Cynthia but we are lucky enough to have her create one just for us. The 18k gold crown top is hand carved by her husband Jim in their LA studio. Jim used to work for Van Clef and Arpels, hence the incredible attention to glorious detail. Strawberry leaves delicately hold the pearl, which are a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. They were also used in Scottish heraldry, as well as in English duke's coats of arms and shields. A regal piece to be sure. The total length of this piece measures 1 1/2". Charm is detachable with a clasp on top. Can be worn on Cynthia's pearl wire wrapped necklace for maximum glamor! This is one of a kind and very special indeed.


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