Becky Kelso
Becky Kelso's work is inspired by the natural environment, the ornamental designs of architecture and contempory art. She uses floral-carved, faceted and rose-cut stones such as pink tourmaline, aquamarine and amethyst. The stones are set in lacy bezels, creating a delicate, feminine and "vintage" appearance. Becky's jewelry has been featured in fashion magazines and has adorned celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Cate Blanchett. > See her collection
Cynthia Bach
Cynthia Bach is a Los Angeles based jewelry designer whose work is influenced by European regalia, art and architecture. She and her husband both created and fabricated pieces for Van Cleef & Arpels before Cynthia began creating her own original crown collection. Her jewelry is hand made of 18k gold and includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants. Usually only found in Neiman Marcus, we are very fortunate to have a smalll collection of Cynthia's work! Cate Blanchett, Halle Berry, and Salma Hayek have walked the red carpet in her designs. > See her collection
Devon Page McCleary
Devon Page McCleary is inspired by memories of a childhood spent in Mexico. Her designs are handmade and unique, often featuring crosses, crystal and pearl orbs, and hearts on her signature "rosary" chains. Her jewelry is favored by stars like Madonna, Elton John, and Cameron Diaz. > See her collection
Gabrielle Sanchez
Gabrielle Sanchez is fascinated by Biwa pearls and calls them her "little miracles" Her jewelry designs evolve directly from the essence of the materials - she lets the beauty of each pearl or stone glow rather than be overshadowed by a fussy setting. Magazines worldwide have featured Gabrielle's jewelry and her pieces are worn by many celebrities including Brooke Shields, Vanessa Williams, and Kim Basinger. > See her collection
Jamie Wolf
Jamie Wolf performed with the NYC Ballet before launching her fine jewelry collection inspired by royal tiaras. Her passion for the tiaras' old world aesthetic is embodied through the use of engraving techniques, ethereal details, and impeccable craftsmanship. The 18k collection includes signature motifs such as flowers, leaves and fleur-de-lis, all accented with diamonds and gemstones. Her work is very hard to find, unless you happen to be in Barney's. We are so lucky to have a nice selection available for our customers! Penelope Cruz, Terri Hatcher, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all fans of Jamie's work. > See her collection
Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez was a famous model in the 1970's and 80's whose face graced the covers of many fashion magazines. She was approached to design jewelry for Tiffany's and went on to create her own signature collection of delicate, handmade pieces featuring heart, square, and teardrop shaped gemstones as well as tiny pearls. She incorporates small vines, hearts, and cherubs into her work. Madonna, Terri Hatcher, and Heather Locklear have all been spotted wearing Laura's pieces. > See her collection
Mauri Pioppo
Mauri’s first career was as a professional dancer. To keep up with the physical demands, she turned to yoga, which eventually led her to jewelry design. Her work derives it’s source of energy through yoga theory. Her collection is graceful and fluid, combining high karat gold and quality gemstones in a way that enhances their natural beauty. Mauri’s work is meant to be worn every day, as an extension of your inner beauty. Eva Longoria, Sheryl Crow and Kyra Sedgwick are all fans. > See her collection
Nancy Davis
Nancy Davis has always had an affinity for hearts and jewelry. For her annual charity event, she came up with the theme "Peace & Love To Erase MS" and made necklaces as thank you gifts. Celebrity friends like Natalie Cole, Mischa Barton, and Nicole Richie wanted to buy her pieces for friends and relatives and Nancy developed the idea into many different pieces. Her signature piece is the heart with a peace sign in the center. > See her collection
Stephanie Albertson
New York jewelry artist Stephanie Albertson loves the whimsical, magical and expressive power of jewelry. Handcrafting each piece in 22k gold and inspired by vibrant colors and luxurious textures, she says “My jewelry is about color and having fun!”. Each piece in her collection is unique because she carefully selects each stone to suit the piece she’s making. Stephanie has developed a loyal following among fashion insiders and a growing list of celebrities. > See her collection
Victoria Cunningham
Los Angeles based Victoria Cunningham has been creating exquisite fine jewelry for over a decade. All of her pieces are handcrafted using 14k yellow or white gold and set with diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Her pieces are timeless, yet up to the minute and chic, ready to wear from day to evening. Victoria’s work has been featured in many fashion magazines such as InStyle, Lucky and Cosmopolitan and is a favorite among celebrities. > See her collection
Zoe is a Los Angeles based designer who loves sophistication in it's simplest form – jewelry emphasizing craftsmanship and each stones' individual beauty. Zoe is best known for her use of micro-pave set diamonds. Some pieces take 2 days to complete, setting each tiny diamond as delicate as a grain of sand. > See her collection